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FINvites was founded in 2012 directly following the wedding of owners, Chris and Kristin McDermott.  Having designed their own wedding invitations, Kristin was eager for the opportunity to keep creating great event stationery.

Kristin holds a Bachelor's degree in Fine Art and Graphic Design, as well as 10+ years of experience in freelance graphic design for corporate and personal use.  She has found a particular passion for event stationery and finding unique solutions to design for each new client.

What's in a Name?  We like to think of FINvites as a testament to our sense of humor.  Get it? "Fin"(as in sharks) +"Invite" (as in 'hey join us for a party') that leaves us with the best pun:  We're Card Sharks.  (we'll pause here for your laughter.)


At the end of the day, our aim is for you to know before you dive in that we're easy-going folk who are here not just to help you get a JAWsome design, but we want you to enjoy the process with us.



Why Custom Design?  You get exactly what you want.  Yes, there is a myriad of options out there where you can click through a website and “customize” pre-made designs with your name and event information, but is that really a custom design for you?  


How long will it take to make my design?  Creating and polishing a custom design can take time, but much of our timeline depends on getting your input - we strive to keep our turnaround between edits quick so the ball keeps rolling.

We can offer rush pricing in special circumstances, however, we prefer to have the time available for you to really consider and love your designs.

While a wedding package can take anywhere from four weeks to four months to complete - depending on how many pieces you will need - a baby shower invitation might take just one week.  We know the date of your event is important and will work to keep you ahead of the game in your planning.

What if you want a different kind of flower?  What if you like the typeface… except there’s one letter in your name that makes it all look weird?  What if you have a special circumstance for your event that doesn’t fit in a standard stationery package?  How do you word an invitation if you have a "non-traditional" ceremony? What if you just had a weird idea… and you need someone to help you make it a reality?


That is why FINvites is great.  Our designer will find the right flower and incorporate a dragon to show off your family's traditions.  Kristin will hand-draw a letter to make that "W" fit in better with the storybook vibe you envision.  

She’s got the experience working with clients to find the perfect way to include the special part of your event in with your stationery.  And she LOVES finding fun, well-designed, budget-friendly solutions to your unique ideas.